Sewer Services in Gardena, California

Rooter King Plumbing in Garden, California, improves your home's operations with hydro jetting and sewer services. Our plumbing contractors do everything in our power to save you the most dollars when it comes to your drain and sewer lines.
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Gain effective power cleaning for your sewer lines with our hydro-jetting services today. We come to your location and use high water pressure to clean grease and other types of debris from drainage pipes. When there is a lot of dirt and soil buildup, hydro-jetting is exactly what you need. This is a specialty that is used when there has been no other way to clean the drain and sewer lines. Instead of replacing an entire system, we provide you with hydro-jetting services as a quality alternative.
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Sewer Services

We work on all phases of the sewer cleaning process by utilizing hydro-jetting and rooter machines carried on our trucks. We also provide sewer repair and replacement programs. These maintenance programs should be received once a year to eliminate root growth and minimize the amount of root in-line.
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